The project

Body Learning is a project that aims to improve psychophysical health through body care and physical activities. The aim of this project is to increase educational activities and body awareness through the development of non-formal and informal physical activities as a vital contribution to an optimal state of health and as a prevention of diseases.

The approaches used in different cultural contexts are an important resource in order to

  • achieve some common goals;
  • create a network of exchange and collaboration that crosses the whole Europe;
  • exchange best practices, organizational models and teaching methods among teachers and organizations involved in the partnership.

This proposal makes use of specific techniques and different participative methodologies, according to the activity (i.e. cooperative learning and expressive methods) which can facilitate people in the reciprocal exchange of personal experiences related to movement and life.

The objectives of the project aim to increase:

  • knowledge concerning physical activity for individuals, institutions and associations;
  • opportunities to know each other and to create informal network that can continue also after the duration of the project (i.e. creation of informal movement activities self-organized by citizens);
  • exchange of best practices, organizational models and teaching methods related to non formal educational physical activities among the partnership.

The project will be implemented through various activities:

  • Partners’ meetings: to illustrate different practices used in movement activities, to teach different methodologies and to share local experiences;
  • Local Activities: to experiment different physical approaches in local contests, bringing new knowledge into life.

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