ASD UpterSport – Università Popolare dello Sport – coordinating organization

ASD UpterSport – Università popolare dello Sport was born in 1994 to promote physical activity, sport and wellness in Adult Education and Long Life learning.

Our mission is to spread the meaning of movement as a way to increase individual health, to think body awareness as a value in personal and social life, to live the environment respecting nature and biodiversity.

Our activity includes different areas:

  1. Classes for all the people without age limits
    We offer a wide range of courses and learning activity. We look at the Long Life learning as an opportunity to live a healthy life with body awareness, personal wellness and better social relationships.
  2. Training Courses: Shiatsu, Yoga, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Sport Management
    Our Schools promote a training towards new professions, where natural techniques, wellness, body movement and prevention are the main goals.
  3. Refresher Activity: Soft Gym, Postural Gym, BLSD (Basic Life Support Defibrillation)
    These proposals are for professionals (teachers, social and sport operators etc.) that want to enrich their knowledge in healthy and wellness disciplines.
  4. In-depth Workshops
    They are an opportunity to integrate our basic courses with more specific aspects of each discipline.
  5. Nature and Environment
    We promote trekking, journeys, wellness weeks and other kind of events aimed at the respect for the environment, naWe promote trekking, journeys, wellness weeks and other kind of events referring to environment, nature conservancy and ecological education. We also offer the opportunity to study and visit archaeological and artistic sites.
  6. Orientation Services and Counseling
    We organize an Open Sport Week with free lessons and conferences directed to people who want to know more about physical activity and wish to be oriented in their sporting choice. Our counseling service is opened all the year.
  7. Educational Wellness Center
    This is a space for those who want to deepen some physical and wellness activity in an individual class, which is very useful for focusing intervention on prevention and individual psycho-physical health.

Particurlary role in the project: UpterSport will act as coordinator, being responsible with development, implementation and evaluation of the project tools and providing for specific training and refresher courses addressed to teachers will insert new acquired elements in physical activity with groups of elderly people .

La Fabbrica del Sapere

La Fabbrica del Sapere is an Italian training and research Academy born to create, develop and disseminate expertise, professionalism and culture both at the local and level. Its initiatives in the lifelong learning educational fieLd are financed by public, private and community resources and are accredited by important national organisms.

La Fabbrica del Sapere employs approximately 200 highly qualified and accredited professionals.

Particurlary role in the project: La Fabbrica del Sapere will give a specific contribute in the field of nutrition, thanks to the experience in the professional training of operators on this issue.

Fundaţia Cultural Educativă “Prietenia” (Cultural and Educational Foundation “Friendship”)

Fundaţia Cultural Educativă “Prietenia” (Cultural and Educational Foundation “Friendship”) is a non governmental organization, created in 1990 in order to support education, art, international cooperation, intercultural learning, social dialog and voluntary work.

We focus on the personal development of children, youth, students, adults and persons of third age.


  • Promoting our traditions and culture
  • Promoting international cooperation and learning in order to develop the mutual respect and transfer of moral values and heritage
  • Supporting personal development through and for culture

Since its establishment our organization has developed a lot of cultural projects focused on cultural exchanges (with France, Switzerland, Germany) that includes both youngsters and seniors.

We also organized more than 50 public interest events related to education, continuous training, European integration, and civic issues as human rights, European Citizenship, European Values.

Not at least we promoted Romanian culture, values and traditions at European level by organizing and developing exhibitions of pottery, icons, folk costumes (Friburg), events like “Romanian Culture’s Days” in Munich and Straubing (Germany)

Related to experience with groups who have specific needs, we are usually working with seniors as most members of the organization are volunteers, teachers and social active persons that have a high level of education, very good communication skills, are open-minded and motivated to promote education and culture and in the same time, improve their own skills.

Particurlary role in the projectFundaţia Cultural Educativă “Prietenia” will create an assessment questionnaire and organize local physical group between old and young people to exchange skills and knowledge related to body learning; it will coordinate the creation of the ICT tools.

Associação Recreativa Cultural e Social de Silveirinhos (The Association for Recreation Cultural and Social of Silveirinhos) – ARCSS

Associação Recreativa Cultural e Social de Silveirinhos (The Association for Recreation Cultural and Social of Silveirinhos) – ARCSS founded in April 29, 1995, is headquartered in São Pedro da Cova, Gondomar.

ARCSS implemented valid structured projects in favor of children, young people and adults, area with large gaps, whether economic, social.

At the moment, ARCSS has about 100 young and adult people participating in their weekly activities (sports, study, leisure and entertainment) and one is a total of 250 associated members.

In 2004, obtained the accreditation at the IQF (Institute for the quality of training), in the following areas: organization and promotion of training activities; and development / implementation of training activities.

From June 2005 ARCSS began the implementation of Actions S@ber+, these actions co-financed by the European Social Fund, under measure 2.1. Continuing Vocational Training, Action Type Further training and specialization of Qualified Assets, integrated in the axis 2 – life-long training and adaptability, the POEFDS (Operational Program of Employment, Training and Social Development).

In 2005 the ARCSS held 10 shares S@ber+, for 150 trainees assets, and the population joined in an incomparable way.

Another project of the ARCSS that most boasted new activities enhancing the community was without a doubt, the project “different sensitivities, Equal Opportunities”, which ran between June 2005 and November 2006, co-funded by the European Social Fund under measure 4.4 . integrated in axis 4 of POEFDS (Operational Program of Employment, Training and Social Development).

ARCSS developed, also, two projects supported by the Youth Program: The project “Local and Regional Policies for Youth” (Project reference: 130852-5.1.2 -EN-2006-R1) – , developed through Action 5.1.2 and the project “Be Young Student”. THE ARCSS and member of: RNAJ – National Register of Youth Associations by the Secretary of State for Youth CCD – Center for Culture and Sport of Inatel, FAJDP – Federation of Youth Associations of the district of Porto, FCCG – Federation of Communities of Gondomar, , FNAJ – National Federation of Youth Associations Local, AFP – Football Association of the Port, ABP – Association of basketball of the Port.

Particurlary role in the project: Associação Recreativa Cultural e Social de Silveirinhos will demonstrate how sports activities related with cultural activities improve adult learning; promote social inclusion and intergenerational projects in local community.

The Company Babbaluck

The Company Babbaluck – founded in 1997 – directed by Sergio Longobardi – currently identifies new areas of research stage related to the desire to give birth to a theater-life who engages in the social fabric of the city, on its territory, as experience and independent set of training.

Examples are the constant “militancy” play at the social center of the neighborhoods, and the work of many “Theatre Guide” including the director and other actors belonging to the group of historic Babbaluck, in high schools in the suburbs, for projects such as Arrevuoto in Scampia, or even the project of ‘Hospital Theatre. To do this it uses artistic collaborations not only related to the theater, but also to the visual arts, circus and music.

Movement and theatre are currently used for educational activities of elderly people in suburbs of Paris.

Particurlary role in the project: COMPAGNIE BABBALUCK will bring in the project its expertise in motor activity with older people from disadvantaged groups in the suburbs of Paris.

Boyabat Special Education Practice School and District Sports Directorate

Our school is the coordinator of the two rehabilitation centres in Boyabat and it serves for 817 disabled people. It employs 16 teachers and it provides mentally and physically retarded people in the town with education. In addition, it sometimes includes people suffering from social, geographical and cultural hindrances in educational activities. The school has practice classes, a meeting hall and sports fields. We hold some sports activities like table tennis, football and bocce with our students. The families of our students may also take part in these activities. By including families, we aim to make the students express themselves and be social, so they will be able to cling to life strongly. At the same time, the families do sports, too.
Every year, traditionally, Boyabat Municipality organizes hiking to the town’s natural monuments, Basalt Cliffs and Salar Village rock tombs. We attend this hiking together with escorts. We have the opinion that retarded people coming with their families will be more conscious about historical and cultural sites and social with the help of this hiking. Also, they’ll have the chance to do sports.
With this Body Learning Project, our goal is to disseminate our activities cooperatively and to reach much more people with much more activities. Our students and their families will be able to participate in not only local activities as they do now but also in regional, national even international activities. This will enable them to acquire lots of social and psychological abilities. Furthermore, we plan to add dance, drama and basketball to the sports activities and the infrastructure for these branches will be built via this project. We would like to extend the activities such as hiking and trekking to the city of Sinop. So, the disabled people and their families ,who have never gone out of their village or town yet, will be able to learn many things about their environment and city, see Erfelek waterfalls, Sinop castle and beach, Durağan caravanserai and more historical sites like them.

Particurlary role in the project: Boyabat Special Education Practice School and District Sports Directorate, TR, will: support the project with large number of participants and create awareness among other adults; organize tournaments in which adults can create their own teams and do sports cooperatively.


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