Partners’ meetings

The first partners’ meeting

It took place in Rome, between 21st – 24th November 2013 at the headquarter of the coordinator, ASD UpterSport – Università Popolare dello Sport (Viale Giulio Cesare n. 78).

There were about 20 participants from all 6 remained partner organizations.

The main topic of the meeting were, according to the application form, as follows:

  • introduction of partners, present each partner (aims of the organization, activities, learners, previous projects and results etc), team building exercise
  • assignment of roles, tasks, responsibilities, detail and agree the work plan – partners also amended the work programme according to the smaller number of partners – as the second meeting should take place in UK participants decided to move this in France and organize the last meeting again in Rome. A specific discussion was devoted to the Learning by body day, as a key activity of the meetings useful to share among the partners and to involve local participants.
  • workshop related to seniors, physical activity and lifestyles – participants visited the Wellness centre UPS (Via Flavio Stilicone n. 41) and took part to different phisical activities. This was, basically, the “Learning by body” event developed by the host organization
  • discuss and agree on communication and dissemination plan
  • prepare and agree a template for an initial assessment questionnaire that will be applied at the level of each partner’s organization

The meeting minute is available here:

Some pictures are available here

The second partners’ meeting

It took place in France – Pantin, between 27th – 30th March 2014 at the headquarter of the French partner, Company Babbaluck (12, rue Scandicci 93500).

There were about 25 participants from all 6 partners – from which 8 learners.

Participants from Italy, France, Portugal and Romania developed different workshops as follows:

      1. Here I am… and this is my movement! – Vittoria La Costa – UPS
      2. FROM ME >TO YOU >TO US – Marika Rizzi – UPS – IT
      3. Move your attention! A play on moving our body and our perceptions – Yasmine Hugonnet – Company Babbaluck – FR
      4. There are always a musician and a singer inside each one of us – Matilde Monteiro and João Carneiro – Association for Recreation Cultural and Social of Silveirinhos – PT
      5. Drama workshop – Andreea Petre and Catalin Grigoras – Fundaţia Cultural Educativă “Prietenia” – RO – described here
      6. Learning and meeting by paper – Bénédicte Holvoote – Company Babbaluck – FR

Participants also decided the date for the next meeting in Romania and the tasks to be done before it.

As the time was too short, participants decided to postpone for the third meeting the presentations of the desk researches at national level.

The meeting minute is available here:
More pictures here

The third partners’ meeting

It took place in Romania, between 11-15 September.

The 18 participants from abroad and some staff members and volunteers of host organization met first on 21st May, in the evening, at Public Library Antim Ivireanul. The president of our organization introduced them the agenda of the meeting and some short information about the Public Library and its role in adult education.

On 22nd morning all participants met in the Public Library Antim Ivireanul.

After a welcome speech of the president of host organziation and a short presentation of each participant the project coordinator Andrea Ciantar (from Università Popolare dello Sport) started the workshop Narrating the experiences related to sport and physical activities (on how we do the interview in order to get stories about personal experiences in physical activity – methodology for the collection of stories). Participants discussed on how to collect stories related to the fact that sport and physical activity can change people’s life and also practice how to do an interview (how to use a videocamera in teh best way) in order to get stories about personal experiences in physical activity.

In the second part of the morning participants walked to Zavoi Park and meet a folk group managed by I. Panescu, traditional dance teacher, in order to take part to the “Sport in Family Day” – in fact a “Dance in family” day.

Here, the folk group members (young persons between 8 – 22-years old), accompanied by their teacher, performed a dance show including four Romanian traditional dances named “Hora”, “Sarba”, “Basarabeanca”, “Calusul”. After that, the teacher showed methodically to all the participants the main steps of the four traditional dances, so they could learn and then practice. In the end, the participants and the folk group danced together a common dance. This meeting wanted to highlight the dance as mouvement and also as a cultural experience.

The afternoon was dedicated to the public meeting “Sport and physical activities in family”. There were about 30 participants – public officials, physical education teachers, sport coaches and other persons involved in physical education activities. In the first part, after the coordinator Andrea Ciantar introduced the “Learning by Body” project and local officialities (the Deputy Praefect and the director of the Public County Library Antim Ivireanul) presented a welcome speech. Then 9 Romanian participants of different ages had interventions where presented studies and personal opinions about how they support and develop educational activities related to the body in local community. In the last part partner organizations presented the desk research on the different physical activities in adult education in Italian, Portuguese and Romanian national context.

On 23rd May morning participants met in front of the Public Library Antim Ivireanul and went together to Bujoreni Village Museum, where they had 3 main activities:

  • doing easy physical exercises and also breathe exercises and relaxation, using yoga technique;
  • guided tour of the museum – the participants walked on an area of 8 hectares, in order to discover the functional image of a traditional rural settlement, with all its social and cultural institutions;
  • continuing the workshop Narrating the experiences related to sport and physical activities by developing interviews with each-others, in order to get stories about personal experiences in physical activity.

After lunch each partener’s organization was represented by a person in a TV broadcast at a local television and could talk about the project, the results achieved so far and also about the next activities and expectations. The debate was moderate by Mr. Nicolae Dinescu, president of the Romanian Olympic Academy from Valcea County.

Last part of the day – and of the meeting – was dedicated to coordinators’ discussions about:

  • next meeting in Portugal
  • communication issues – final voting for the logo, discussion about the blog, proposal for improving communication between partners etc.
  • dissemination plan – to be developed by Romanian partner
  • future project under Erasmus + Sport Programme

The meeting agenda is available here.

More pictures available here.

The fourth partners’ meeting

It took place in Portugal, between 23-26 October 2014

The “Learning by Body Day” organised by Association for Recreation Cultural and Social of Silveirinhos hadthe topic “Sport, physical activities and social integration”.

Participants also discussed about the dissemination tools – blog, FB page, Youtube channel, the project results (Methodology sheets and manual, Creation of courses to be included in the activities of the project partner organisations, Video stories, Refresher Course for Teachers etc.)

Participants had also the opportunity to know “in situ” the local context the partner is working in

The meeting minute is available here.

More pictures available here.

The fifth partners’ meeting

It took place in Turkey, between 12-15 March 2015
It includes presentations made by al present partners about the project evolution in their countries and local communities, review of the common tasks in the project and planning for the last mobility, discussions about the project results (blog, handbook, collection of stories etc.) and other administrative topics.

The “Learning by Body” day organised by host organisation

The meeting agenda is available here.

More pictures available here.



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