Desk research on the different physical activities in adult education in the partners national context

This research will be part of the new courses in sport and physical activity to be integrated in the organizations of the partnership.

The desk researches have a common template established by the coordinator – UPS – as follows:

  1. General Questions: The sport and movement activities in each partner’s country
  2. The scenario of sports activities during the last 10 years – The scenario that is described in this work embraces all forms of sports which have been defined by the Council of Europe, in the European Chart of Sport, 1992 – continued in the white paper, 2007: “Each form of physical activity which, through organized or unorganized participation, has the scope at expressing or improving physical and mental fitness, the development of social relations and obtaining good results in competitions at all levels.”
  3. Certain topics – at national level:
      1. Percentages of participation in sport and movement activities. Ex: % –continuous sport activity; % –occasional sport activity; %–practice on some physical activity; %– do not practice some physical activity or sport
      2. The practice of sport: difference between age and between men and women
      3. Organizations: sports federations, sports promotion organizations, public educational institutions, etc.
      4. The disciplines most practiced
  4. Topics at regional level
      1. Types of organizations that offer activities in adult education and the body
      2. The activities practiced by these realities – the types of activities, examining all different disciplines
  5. Sources utilized (like previous researches, information on the network, experts, other materials etc.)

Romanian research is available here


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