General objectives

  1. to increase educational activities related to the body, especially physical activity (like body awareness, Soft Gym, expressive movement and oriental disciplines), in all organizations that deal with Adult Education;
  2. to develop knowledge in the European population, especially among the elderly, about non-formal and informal physical activities and body care, as a vital contribution to an optimal state of health.

Specific objectives

  1. to create opportunities where learners, teachers, organizations active in the field of sport and physical Adult Education, can know each other and create an informal network that can continue also after the duration of the project;
  2. to exchange best practices, organizational models and teaching methods related to non formal educational activities in the field of sport and movement, among teachers and organizations involved in the partnership;
  3. to improve knowledge and create commune activities among the partnership;
  4. to experiment the creation of activities and products to better communicate the importance of sport and movement for life of adults and elderly (Body learning day, collection of stories op participants; final video of the project);
  5. to reflect on best practices aimed to support and improve the creation of informal activities in sport and movement, self-organized by citizens, as group or individuals.

The project wishes to promote effective actions to respond to the following issues:

  • lack of correct knowledge related to physical activity for elderly, especially in some of the Countries of the partnership;
  • lack of this kind of practices among the organizations working with adult and elderly people;
  • need of training and refresher courses for operators and teachers working in this field.

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