Common activities

August – September 2013

Project launch

All partners selected the project teams and appointed kick-off meetings in order to establish each person’s tasks and responsibilities, the Gant-chart of the project and the projected outcomes.

Partner organizations also developed meetings with staff and members of their organizations, in order to present the project (aim, objectives, activities, expected results).

September – October 2013

Preparing first partners’ meeting

All partners selected the participants for the first project meeting. They also draw presentations about their organizations/regions/countries and prepared promotional materials

November 2013

First partners’ meeting

described here

December 2013 – March 2014

Desk research

As agreed at the first project meeting all partners developed a desk research on the different physical activities in adult education in the partners national context. This research will be part of the new courses in sport and physical activity to be integrated in the organizations of the partnership. More information here

Preparing second partners’ meeting

All partners selected the participants for the second project meeting – three organizations (Italian coordinator, Romanian and Turkish partners) included learners in the groups.

They also prepared workshops (of about 45 minutes) related to physical activities on the following form given by the coordinator organziation – UPS:

      • Title: …..
      • Themes: ….
      • Participants: ….
      • Duration: …..
      • Materials: …..
      • Description: …..
      • Outcomes: ……

Workshop proposals included a short introduction or final comment (at each organization’s choice) in order to point out the meaning of the proposed work with respect to the theme of the second project meeting (decided by all partners at the first meeting in Rome): integrate the difference

January 2014

Web-site launch

The blog was drawn by Fundaţia Cultural-Educativă “Prietenia”, all partners sent information about their organziations and activities.

March 2014

Second project meeting

described here

April – May 2014

Preparing promotional materials for project visibility and dissemination

Portuguese partner made six proposals for the project logo and all other organizations voted by e-mail (the final decision was taken at the third meeting in Romania)

All partners developed leaflets, posters, press-releases and other promotional materials.

Preparing the third project meeting

Partners selected the participants for the third project meeting – including learners. They also finished the presentation of the desk research on the different physical activities in adult education in the partners national context.

Evaluation of the partnership after 10 months

Romanian partner developed an evaluation questionnaire (available here:

The questionnaire includes four topics:

    1. Project advancement
    2. Communication
    3. Dissemination and valorization
    4. Results quality

The questionnaire was launched right after the third project meeting

May 2014

Third project meeting

described here

June 2014

Developing and sharing first year report, sending it to each partner’s NA

Each partner worked and its own report and share the common activities


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