Main concrete results

  • Increased knowledge about physical activity and different approaches through the exchange of information and methodologies within the partnership, at the level of organizations and their learners, staff&employees, volunteers etc.
  • Six European meetings that will involve staff members and learners of all partner organizations
  • A new training kit including courses in sport and physical activity to be integrated in the organizations of the partnership
  • A brochure with 25 short stories of experiences with sport and physical activities (from learners of each partner organizations), useful for dissemination purposes.
  • A manual of the project
  • More public events “Body Learning Day” organized in all partner countries at local level and one event “Sport in Family Day” in each partner’s country, during the partners’ meeting hosted.
  • A website that will include information related to the project and a Facebook page in each partners’ language.
  • A short video with the main important moments of the project, for the project dissemination.
  • A refresher course for teachers and trainers involved in physical activities for adults
  • A short course to enhance self organization of citizen in organizing sport activities


For learners and staff members in each partner organization :

  • increased knowledge about methodologies and practices for physical activity and wellness;
  • increased exchange of personal and collective experiences.

For teachers and staff:

  • gaining knowledge about different kinds of teaching, to facilitate the active participation of learners;
  • gaining knowledge of different expressive methodologies, including the autobiographical narrative as a way to reflect on body experiences and to communicate these experiences to the others;
  • increased the exchange of personal and collective experiences.

For the participating institutions:

  • development of a mutual learning to create joint actions to achieve common goals;
  • gaining knowledge about methodologies and practices for mental and physical activity and wellness;
  • implementing courses and activities related to the body in educational institutions;
  • creation of joint activities, such as 4 European “Learning by body Day” and one “Sport in Family Day”;
  • increased ability to create training for teachers in the field of physical activities and sports in Adult Education, also increasing methods to support and to help learners to reflect on their experiences;
  • increase the capacity to record the learners’ experiences;
  • share project results through the creation of common tools such as the project site.

For local communities, residents and other learners:

  • increased knowledge about the methodologies and practices for mental and physical activity and wellness;
  • to support and improve the creation of informal activities in sport and movement, self-organized by citizens, as group or individuals;
  • promotion of mutual listening and understanding;
  • emerging of tacit knowledge in order to involve everyone in the improving process towards subjects and practices;
  • learn to work with a participative and bottom up approach.

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